Woof in the wild


PrintPune based team is passionate in giving owners and their pooch a unique opportunity to spend quality time together and enjoy picturesque locations.

Trekking , hiking in the hills are best ways to enjoy nature at its best. Our games and competitions are specially designed for our K9s which are simple yet fun for both the pets and their owners Its even more fun to have your K9s accompany you on your outings.

Its unbelievable to see your pets bursting with so much energy and enthusiasm to walk all the way to top. Sometimes its even difficult for dog owners who wish to keep up with them. Spend quality time together and have fun.

Pets love to get wet and wild and get very excited by the sight of water. Its so refreshing to see them splashing water, getting dirty and enjoying a cool dip in their own crazy ways. Some dogs love diving into the water while the not so brave ones take it slow, but once they are in water its hard to get them out of it.

One of the most popular things to do during the monsoon and summer months is to head out camping.  For many of us, going on a weekend getaway isn’t complete without our constant canine companions. Dogs can make wonderful hiking and camping companions, but before you let Fido jump into the backseat of the car, there are a few things to consider. This guide will get you started

However, it might be that your dog could enjoy camping but needs a little practice in getting ready for the trip. The advice below will help you and your dog prepare for a longer outdoor adventure.


If your dog is a novice at being outdoors but you really want to try out camping, then take a few short hiking trips to get him used to being outside on trails, around wildlife and new people. Work your way up from walking a few short nature trails in your area, to short hikes and half-day hikes, then to full days out on a trail or hanging around in a campground. The experience will get your dog (& you) fit & accustomed to being in stimulating places without going overboard.

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