what is dog agility

It’s a great exercise that involves you and and your dog to bond while working as a team and learning to negotiate the jumps ,hurdles, scale ramps, jump through tyre, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles. It’s entertaining to watch. It’s a sport of athleticism, strength and speed for both you and your dog. It’s invigorating, rewarding, fun, entertaining and an amazing sport to participate in.

Any dog with good physical fitness and energy can learn agility.It increases a dog’s confidence and releases pent-up energy and stress. It is a great way to keep your pet healthy, happy and fit.

agility_img1‘Agility’ is the ability to move quickly and easily with good coordination. We might say that a person in the Olympics is very agile or shows good agility. In order to demonstrate the agility of dogs, we use an obstacle course. We use the word ‘Agility’ for this sport that many people and their dogs enjoy.
agility_img2Running an obstacle course gives a dog lots of exercise. Dogs get to meet other dogs and you’ll have fun making new friends.
In agility, dogs learn to control different parts of their bodies
A dog must learn to look to it’s owner for direction. He can’t just run ahead and go off on his own. Agility is fun, but very disciplined. Traveling through an agility tunnel helps dogs to learn that new activities can be safe and fun. A dog learns early that going into dark places like a tunnel is not so scary.
Agility helps dogs develop good balance and control of their actions. Consequently their muscles and hearts become strong. Jumping through this tire jump takes good energy, strong legs and good aim!
Agility can help your dog gain confidence the same as when you play sports or perform in a play. This is a dog walk. Dogs learn to climb up one side, walk on a bridge and then go down the other side. To do this, dogs have to be comfortable with heights.

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