what are the benefits of dogs agility training


What are the benefits of dogs agility training

With very few exceptions, anything that makes use of your dog’s instincts, will make him happy. This means providing a diet of natural foods, teaching a Golden Retriever to play fetch, and making sure that working dogs have something to do. The mental and physical stimulation involved in dog agility training will make your dog stronger, faster, more confident and much, much smarter. Your obedience training commands will “stick” better, and your dog will be more-able to learn as the agility training goes on.

And, since this part is important to anyone who owns a dog with tons of energy. All that energy will be burned-off, resulting in a content dog with a very low chance of developing behavior problems. So, like all good things in a dog/owner relationship, dog agility training is good for your dog and that makes your dog happier about the pack he’s in, which is a huge plus for both of you.

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