Packing list


A bag pack should have

  • 1lit water bottle.
  • dry napkin newspaper or tissue.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Extra special treats to use for moments when you really need your dog’s attention.
  • Poop bags and, if needed, a smell-proof poop bag container.

Pet Owner must have a

  • Strong, fitted collar with ID tags to wear at all times on the dog.
  • Sturdy 6-foot or retractable leash for walking.
  • double or long leash for being tied out.
  • Any bedding your dog might need, including a pad or pillow.
  • Brush for removing seeds, leaves and other debris or pests that get caught in fur.
  • A jacket or sweater for camping in cold weather with puppies, older dogs or short-coated dogs.

Keep your dog hydrated. Shade and water are two must-haves for a dog during a trip to keep them from overheating. Watch for signs, such as excessive panting, and take plenty of water breaks during activities like hiking.

Make sure your dog is supervised at all times.

Pay attention to your dog’s energy level and slow down the fun when it seems like he needs some rest.

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