My dog park


Fun, Fun, Fun!

I started My Dog Park, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted this to be a FUN place for dogs. I wanted every tail wagging, every dog tugging at the leash to come in, and every owner feeling really good about coming with their dog here.

Dog parks are magnificent places. As the initiator of my favorite local off-leash hangout i would like to say, “A dog lives to do two things: Chase and be chased.” In a dog park, Fido can live the dream. And for us humans, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a pack of happy dogs to make one feel … well, happy.

my dog park is a large fenced  ground in the city limits  a spacious free environment where dogs can have supervised play with their friends  park gives dogs ample space for roaming and running off-leash, the dog park  allow you and your pet to exercise together.  and give them the chance to socialized with other dogs. My  knowledge and expertise certified canine trainer and behaviorist to supervise the canine interaction and  safe play is an added Bonus.


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