Although I’ve always had and loved dogs since a child. I have grown up with some Amazing dogs in my life and loved every minute I spent with them .
I became especially interested in their behavior and obedience training after adopting a mischievious Bichon Havenese called “Jannu” . He really expanded my horizons and made me look at domesticated / companion animals in a new light. How and why dogs learn, The interplay and impact of the genetic and environmental factors affecting their temperament and behavior absolutely fascinates me. “Jannu” is the main reason I choose a career in Dog Training and was born.
I did my certification in canine training with Canine Can Care under Shirin Merchant where in during the course I worked with a beautiful GSD Kena and aggressive beagle Fredi and other breed dogs like boston terriers , Siberian Husky and Shitz Zu . At Canines Can Care I also did the work shop for Dog Agility.
I got a wonderful opportunity to do program for Training and Dog Behavior under Mr. John Rogerson of Northern Center for Canine Training and Behavior, UK.
Shirin Merchant & John Rogerson have given me a passion and an insight into the dog world. To make lives better for dogs and their owners. All this in a fun and educational way.

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